2023 Has Begun!

The last year sucked for a variety of reasons, but I’ll be starting the blog again next Monday.

My most important goal is to finish the Sheet Author guide. It got a bit too involved, and I’ll probably at some point go back to the HTML and CSS parts and add a new first page which will be a quick “what you need to know” guide.

I did have big (too big) plans for the Sheet Worker / Javascript guide, but I’d lost sight of the real goal: give roll20 authors the tools they need to make good character sheets. The guide was turning into a comprehensive guide to JavaScript, but there are plenty of those online already. I’ll be reworking it to specifically answer the question: How do I make good sheet workers?

I’ll also add some more posts that I’ve made on the Roll20 forums – how to solve specific problems and accumulated wisdom on good practices for Roll20.

Finally, I’ll post some stuff I’m working on for my own games- house rules, specific settings, and so on. It’s my blog, I can do what I want with it after all 🙂

Hopefully 2023 will be a better yeat than 2022, and I hope those getting some value out of this blog get even more value!

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