Who Am I?

I am an active member of the roll20 forums where I post under the name GiGs. When it comes to Roll20, I know my stuff and many of my posts have ended up on the Roll20 Wiki. I’m not the most knowledgeable or skilled member of the forum by any means, but I am passionate about helping people.

Highly skilled tech enthusiasts often forget how much they know, and the gulf between their knowledge and that of the novice. I remember what it was like to be a total beginner and have been thanked in private IMs for helping people through their frustrations and making my answers easy to follow.

What Is This Blog For?

There have been so many people who want to make character sheets on Roll20 and find the existing help too advanced. It’s very complex and can be frustrating, with so many different things to learn, and there’s no really organised, structured guide to help people through it.

So I created this blog first and foremost to solve that problem, to write a reference guide for creating character sheets on roll20 useful to those with no prior experience.

But I also have so many helpful posts on roll20 that could be more generally useful, and this will be a good place to polish them up and make them more findable.

And finally, I’m a tabletop roleplayer with a lot of experience. So naturally, I have ideas about games and house rules, and other roleplaying related topics- I’ll be adding some of those here too, especially if there’s interest.

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