Guide To Repeating Sections

The articles below have been reordered to be more useful. Core Articles are those directly supported by the documentation and which are handy to know for anyone writing code for Repeating Sections. Extra Articles are extrapolations from the existing documentation, and additional features you can use.

    Core Articles

    Extra Articles

    Multiple Repeating Sections

    You often need to manipulate multiple repeating sections in the same worker. There are several ways to handle this problem.

    1. Introduction
      Demonstrating four ways to work with any number of repeating sections. Here is the HTML & CSS used in the next 4 posts.
    2. Separate Outputs
      How to combine multiple Repeating Sections
    3. using sumRepeating
      A guide to using sumRepeating
    4. Russian Dolls
      Handling multiple RS by nesting them
    5. Custom Function
      A complex drop-in function to handle any number of Repeating Sections

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