Roll20 Sheet Master List

This is a guide to creating character sheets in Roll20, intended for people who aren’t programmers or web designers. This covers every aspect of character sheet creation, with the tips focussed specifically on Roll20 design.

It’s divided into the different topics. Also, check out Andreas’s Guide for another overview of things.

Make sure to click each heading for more information on a topic.

The Basics

These three sections cover the basics of sheet authoring. You need some familiarity with these three things.

Advanced Skills

These cover skills that many sheets will need once you have mastered the basics.

Optional Skills

These articles cover things that are nice to add to a sheet, but which you can do without.

More Speculative Stuff

These are things which are only added to a sheet in certain cases, and might not even be possible in come cases. These will probably be created gradually throughout 2024 (but I have some other massive projects in mind that might consume my time).


A charactermancer is only possible if you have the license for the system. I’ll probably write it up eventually, but its not a high priority.

jQuery in Roll20

Coming one day (probably – it’s turning out to be less useful than originally envisaged, but Roll20 did state improvements were coming).


Custom Compendiums are something Roll20 have said will be available, but they do not exist yet. If they do become available, I’ll add instructions here.


Sheet Templating is a way to create sheets more rapidly, by scripting the repetitive parts. There’s no right way to do this, and several options.

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