Game Designs

Each of these games will be supported by a Roll20 sheet. Links to come.

Legends Never Die

LND is a sword & sorcery fantasy game, where the world of Zhindar is the temporary corpse of an eldritch god, all magic comes from daemons, and adventurers are rock stars.

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Carrington Event

The Carrington Event was a solar flare in 1859, that unleashed steampunk invention upon the world, and awoke darker, supernatural powers.

Our heroes travel the globe to defeat these monsters secret agena, while slowly learning they are themselves becoming monsters.

The Game Setting

Game Mechanics


Coming Soon

In the far future, humanity is recovering from a galactic apocalypse. Civiisation is scattered across hundreds of self-contained bubbles, each of which contains dozens or hundreds of inhabited worlds in various states of recovery.

A galactic empire is “reunifying” the scattered pocket empires, and in the fringes something that has slept for millions of years is stirring.

More Games

Other games, usually needing just a single post.