Guide to CSS – Styling a Character Sheet

Use HTML to build the essential functions of a sheet, then CSS to style it to make it presentable. With these two guides, you can create attractive character sheets, and everything else is optional.

Core CSS Posts

The articles here cover “everything you need to know” to design a Roll20 character sheet and a lot more. Each chapter focuses on a specific kind of thing you need to know to build a sheet.

Other CSS Posts

There are a lot more CSS things that aren’t fundamental to understanding CSS and making character sheets. Handy tips and tricks, for example. CSS Posts like those are listed here (this list will expand over time).

If this series whets your appetite, you can check out some of the clever things you can do at the CSS Wizardry page on the Roll20 Wiki (though be warned – some of the code there is very old and needs some rewriting to work properly).

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