Privacy Policy

The site has been set up to avoid taking any of your data.

If you subscribe for notifications, your email is used just for that purpose. I went to great lengths to avoid external services, so your email is never passed to any other company.

I’m legally required to tell you that when you leave comments, certain steps are taken to avoid spam – these include temporarily logging your IP address and browser. But this data is never viewed by anyone and never passed on to any other company.

I’m also legally required to inform you that the site uses cookies. Cookies are necessary for your browser to, say, remember which pages you have viewed and which links you have followed. No cookies are viewed by anyone and they are never passed on to other companies – they are used simply so your browser can use the site, and are discarded every couple of weeks.

In summary, this site is safe to browse without fear of data being collected and used for marketing or other nefarious purposes.