Blowing My Own Trumpet

You can find my work all over the forums and in the Roll20 Wiki (look for the name GiGs). But there are also specific solutions that have their own dedicated page or thread.

  1. repeatingSum: When creating a sheet, you often need to work with a repeating section as a whole. Finding the total carried of an encumbrance list, or determining which armour is active, and so on. This is a simple drop-in solution that makes it much easier to do all kinds of things with repeating sections. It does have a couple of failings I plan to eliminate, though.
  2. Universal Chat Menus: A script (which means your game’s creator needs to be a Pro subscriber to use) which makes it extremely easy to gather multiple rolls or stats for a single chat menu. But there are a couple of ways this can be improved too.
  3. Universal Sheet Workers: A demonstration of how to script sheet workers, and do automate the duplication of simple tasks. It works fine as is, and has been used in many character sheets, but is a little outdated, and I may show alternative solutions.
  4. Multiversals: an extremely simple and flexible way to design hundreds of sheet workers which never really caught on, but which I intend to make clearer, more powerful, and avoid one significant drawback (a drawback which doesn’t affect most people who use this). One day.

These are all pretty old but I’m proud of all of them. I’ll be improving them when time allows (though not before the completion of the Sheet Author guide).

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