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According to WordPress, I’ve posted a little more than 200 posts on this site. So, here’s a little guide for how I’ll be posting in the future.

The vast majority of these posts are for the Roll20 Sheet Author Guide (which includes an introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as Roll20-specific things like Repeating Sections, Translations, and Custom Roll Parsing). I am sure I’ll find new things to post about here, but the rate of posting might slow down a touch.

In addition to that topic, I have also posted about general roleplaying tips, house rules for specific systems (notably Pendragon), scripting help, rules for my own systems, and more. You can roughly divide these into two groups of post.

Going forward, I will have this rule: Each week, I will post between one and three articles on specific topics, but I will always try to post at least one (if I miss any weeks, I’ll make up for it!).

  • Tuesday: On Tuesday, I will post an article specific to character sheet creation. Most of these will be for Roll20, but if I branch out into other systems, like Maptools or the Forge, they probably go here.
  • Thursday: I will post about roleplaying. I might review important systems like Trollbabe or The Pool, or talking about specific often, misunderstood concepts like Railroading, or post about my own game systems (which will often include unusual game mechanics).
  • Saturday: This is a grab bag – anything which doesn’t easily fit into the above categories will go here. I might talk about how to make rolls in roll20, or my thoughts on the dominance of 5e, or offer scripting tip’s and look at which scripts are most used. And do on. These posts will still be about roleplaying, specifically online roleplaying with a focus on Roll20, but are less structured.

I commit to posting each week, which may be on any of those days, but some weeks (many weeks) I will post more than once. It just depends what’s on my mind that week, or what long-term, multi-week, projects I’m working on. But there’s a lot of things I want to post about – you can see a rough guide in the 6 categories on the front page of this blog.

At the moment, I am posting two articles a week – one for the game system of The Carrington Effect, and another looks like it’s also about the Carringtin Event, but it’s really a deep dive into Roll20 character sheet creation. There is a lot of material here for people who want to create their own sheets, but because it’s fairly advanced, it assumes a certain familiarity with the guide.

If (when?) I have more readers, I’ll probably post on the same day or two each week, but for now dividing things this way this makes it easier to organise things. You can also tune in on specific days for the type of content you want to see.

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