Swap Token Bars

A script posted by Aaron to the Roll20 forums, to swap the contents of one token bar with another.

List the bars you want to swap, like so:

!swap-bars 1 3
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

This will swap the values, max values, and the link to an attribute, if they exist.

Here’s the code:

on('ready',()=>{ on('chat:message',msg=>{ if('api'===msg.type && /^!swap-bars(\b\s|$)/i.test(msg.content) && playerIsGM(msg.playerid)){ let who = (getObj('player',msg.playerid)||{get:()=>'API'}).get('_displayname'); let [first,second] = msg.content.split(/\s+/).slice(1,3).map(n=>parseInt(n)); if([1,2,3].includes(first) && [1,2,3].includes(second)){ (msg.selected || []) .map(o=>getObj('graphic',o._id)) .filter(g=>undefined !== g) .forEach(t=> t.set({ [`bar${second}_value`]: t.get(`bar${first}_value`), [`bar${second}_max`]: t.get(`bar${first}_max`), [`bar${second}_link`]: t.get(`bar${first}_link`), [`bar${first}_value`]: t.get(`bar${second}_value`), [`bar${first}_max`]: t.get(`bar${second}_max`), [`bar${first}_link`]: t.get(`bar${second}_link`) })) ; } else { sendChat('',`/w "${who}" <div>Please use the format <code>!swap-bars NUM NUM</code> where <code>NUM</code> is <code>1</code>, <code>2</code>, or <code>3</code>.</div>`); } } }); });
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

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