What Scripts Should You Use?

If you’re a Pro user on Roll20, there are a lot of Scripts you can add to make your game better or at least easier. I’ll post reviews of the ones I’ve tried and found useful here.

This page may be mostly empty when you find it – it’ll be populated over time.

Essential Scripts

These are scripts that might not always be essential, but they are extremely useful to have in your toolbox.

    Interesting Scripts

    These are scripts that are very handy when you need them, but you might only need them in limited cases.

      Other Scripts

      Here are all the other scripts I’ve looked at. They might not be very useful to me, but I’m not every GM. they might be very useful to you.

        Scripting Generally

        There may be articles here related to general scripting advice. The series on Sheet Workers should also be useful, since both Sheet Workers and scripts use the same language, JavaScript.

          Aaronomancer Snippets

          If you’re a Pro user and a regular Roll20 Forums visitor, you’ll have seen the name, Aaron C. Meadows, aka the Aaronomancer. He is an extremely helpful and prolific script writer (responsible for, among other things, the vital TokenMod script). He posts a lot of scripts or snippets of scripts on the forums that never make it into the Roll20 Library but are nevertheless useful or informative. I’m trying to archive as many of them here.

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