House Rule For Healing In Pendragon

Pendragon, aka King Arthur Pendragon, is one of my favourite gaming systems. The most popular house rule I’ve created is the roll up method, which is handy for both new and experienced players. But the second most popular house rule is undoubtedly this one.

The Problem

In a typical combat in Pendragon, you get a lot of wounds, some small and some large. When the combat is over, you can do first aid for each of them. This requires a d20 roll for healing, then if you succeed, 1d3 for how much you heal.

Consudering how little reward you get, this is a lot of work. Also, you might get 1 point, which is almost insulting.

The Solution

The simplest solution would be to make one roll for the entire combat, but I haven’t figured out how to do that and preserve the feel of the game. Here is the method I use.

When someone is treated for first aid, on success, heal an amount equal to your Heal Rate.

So you roll 1d20 per wound, but dispense entirely with the d3 rolls. You can’t heal more than the size of the wound, just as with traditional first aid, but those high heal rates are more meaningful and feel better.

Pagan Ideals

The pagan Ideal bonus is to gain +2 heal rate. This can feel like kind of a weak bonus, but in conjunction with this rule, it becomes genuinely powerful while still distinct from the other benefits. I like this.


This rule makes those higher heal rates more useful, dispenses with a tedious roll, and has been universally popular. Try it and let e know how it works out for you.

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