What Are Design Patterns

For the first time in literally years, I’ve added a new section to The Guide: Design Patterns.

This Guide is (I hope) a great reference for the languages you might use, whether HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the things specific to Roll20, like like Translations, Repeating Sections, Rolltemplates Custom Roll Parsing, and more.

This new section, though, is for specific solutions to common problems, and methods of doing things that I think might be useful to know. It’s not so much a reference, but more a collection of tools and techniques that I hope you find useful.

There are so many posts I could write about ways of doing things, or solving certain problems, that don’t fit the general concept of reference material that the Guide is mainly for. That’s what this section is for.

There are many, many posts on specific techniques I could have written but wanted to get a general reference complete first. That is done now, so I can write up specific tools and techniques. If there are any things you want to know how to do, this is a great place to ask.

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