Using ChatGPT for character design

You can use chatGPT to write code for you. I am seeing more and more that people are using this for roll20 character sheet code. I have this to say about that:

Don’t do it!

I have a reason for this.

ChatGPT does not invent the code – it looks for something that matches your desires within the existing code. This process relies on that code already having been written, and for that, it needs many, many thousands (if not millions) of bits of code to draw from. For general HTML and Javascript, there are countless examples on the web to draw from. For roll20, there are not.

Roll20 code looks like HTML or JS, but has its own idiosyncracies that guarentee any code written using standard HTML or JS will simply not work, and will lead you badly astray.

For years, people have suggested avoiding general HTML and JS code sites, and the same is true for chatGPT. For working code, look at the roll20 wiki or this site (which is designed for code newbies). Steer well clear of chatGPT – you’ll end up having to redo everything and then look at those sites anyway.

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